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Manicure $35

Gel Mani $45

Gel Mani with Removal $45

Spa Mani $35


Express Pedi $55

Express Gel Pedi $65

Charlie’s Signature Pedi $65

Charlie’s Signature Gel Pedi $75

Spa Pedi $80

Gel Dip Powder enhancement $65

Custom press-ons $70

Custom press-on w/French design $80

Gel X- $80

Kids Services

Ages 12 & Under

Kids mani- $20

Kids mani and pedi- $45

Kids pedi- $25

Kids Spa mani and Spa pedi- $45

Kids Spa mani- $20

Kids Spa Pedi- $30

Kids polish:

Hands- $8

Feet- $6


Regular polish Hands and Feet $25

Gel Hands and Gel Feet (no manicure/pedicure) $35


Gel Removal with manicure: $10.00 extra plus manicure price

Gel Removal w/o mani: $15.00

Acrylic Removal: $20.00 extra

Nail Art:

Hands and Feet: (fingers/toes $10.00 and up)

Complete set: $30.00 and up

French Manicure: $20.00 extra


Mani-Express Pedi $75

Gel Mani-Express Pedi $85

Mani- Charlie’s Signature Pedi $85

Gel Mani- Charlie’s Signature Pedi $90

*Charlie's Signature includes: scented scrub, hot rocks, and lavishing massage*

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